The keys to success – 20 tips for sustainable success

Here you get 20 points that are important for sustainable success.


  1. Start

Who does not start, will not reach the goal. Most people do not want to start. There are many excuses for that. It would not be the right time. Or it is not perfect yet. Or, or, or … better puts that energy into a start. No matter how good or under what circumstances. The main thing is to move from the spot. So get started! The best time is never there. And you can be perfect later too.


  1. persevere

For success, it is essential to keep going on the way to the goal. Surely you can and should take a break from time to time to look around and collect. But then it goes on. Also, and especially when it gets difficult. Obstacles and obstacles will always crop up. There are only two things you have to do in life: start and continue.

  1. Open mindset

Anyone who believes will sooner or later fall behind. Anyone who thinks in terms of topics is not dependent on the specialist area. As a result, you can also consider unconventional solutions.


  1. Self-control

Self-confidence and understanding are crucial. The ability to control one’s emotions

  1. broadcast

People who have “charisma”. This certain something that is almost magically attractive. You should listen well and stay in the present. Therefore, the people with whom you communicate know that you only focus on them. They appreciate because they are important to you.

  1. Trust

A key aspect is to communicate trust. Good posture is crucial to being trustworthy. Then comes the look. He is extremely important. Be sure to speak only if you have eye contact. Make sure your facial expression matches your message, that your voice has the right pitch, volume, and tempo.


  1. Ideas

The salt in the soup of success. The more successful we want to be, the better ideas we have to have. Money does not make ideas, but ideas make money. Keep your antennas always on receipt and extend your feelers. Watch the market, your competitors, and of course your customers. What is needed? How do others do it? Where can you model something and maybe even make it better?


  1. Creativity

An important key that can be applied to all areas of life. Creativity promises not only in business success. Even in private lives it lives much better with a shot or two creativity. Just trust yourself. Be creative and let your ideas run wild. Be quiet sometimes. Do your thing. Even if everyone else does it differently. Or rather first then.

  1. goals

Who has no goals, can achieve none. That’s why all successful people have clearly defined goals. And are happy to be able to go their way to success almost every day. Because also the way is the goal. What you get by achieving your goals is as important as what you get on the way there.


  1. Clarity

If we want to radiate a strong presence, the ability to communicate clearly is very important. If your argument is unclear, any hope of getting attention is lost. What is your message? If you can not pronounce them clearly yourself, you are not ready to share them with others. Most importantly, your customer immediately understands the clear benefits of your offer. So be aware of what you want and communicate that clearly outward.

  1. Network

We are the average of the five people we spend most of our time with. That’s why successful people consciously pay attention to who they spend their time with. Especially in times of the internet, and of social media, it has never been easier to find contacts. But of course it’s about the right contacts. And it is also about living and maintaining these contacts. A list of hundreds or even thousands of contacts will not help you if you do not maintain a regular exchange.


  1. time

Time is one of the master keys to success. It fits into any door that is locked on the way to the destination. Successful people have recognized that time is the most important resource of all. Because while you can earn money again and again, every second that is gone is gone forever. That’s why successful people spend time instead of consuming it.


  1. Risk-taking

People who shy away from any risk take the greatest risk. The risk of never being really successful. Never achieve anything or realize your dreams. Never really live. Trust yourself, before you mercilessly missed promising opportunities and opportunities.

  1. authenticity

Without them, there can be no real success. Otherwise, everything is played and unreal. Then you only play a role or have a mask on. And your customers recognize that and do not feel comfortable with you. Have the courage to be the person you really are. Have the courage to fulfill your dreams.


  1. Learning

Learning is like rowing against the current. Once you stop, you drift back. Effective learning means learning all the time. Which has never been easier thanks to the internet. But then it’s up to the implementation. Otherwise, knowledge is useless. The magic word is called TUN. Only implemented knowledge is real knowledge.

  1. Curiosity

All successful people are above average curious. Your questions about how things work or can be made are the starting point for all inventions and changes in the world. Do it the same, be curious, ask many questions. There are no dumb questions. There are at most stupid answers.

  1. Positive basic attitude

The only crap on which nothing grows is the pessimist. Therefore, look to the positive sides of a thing. On what you have. Not what you do not have. Do not look for the hair in the soup. Recognize what you have already accomplished. With a little practice you will learn that. And then you live more and more with a positive attitude.

  1. Give

Who gives nothing can not be successful in the long term. Life is a give and take. And in exactly this order. What you give out into the world will also come back to you. This is especially true for your business. Do not expect your clients to invest in your business, invest in you and your performance when you’re not ready for it. First and foremost, be yourself your biggest fan.


  1. Perception

It is indispensable for success to train your own perception. How we perceive the things around us, after all, is how we ourselves are. We do not see the world as the world is, but as we are. This is about self-awareness. The better you know yourself, the better you will be able to use your full potential.


  1. Help and coaching

Without the help of other people, your success will be limited. Unfortunately, most people in this area have significant deficits. Many believe that asking for help equates to weakness and inadequacy. But just the opposite is the case. Get help from experts in areas where you do not have expertise. Complete and complete your knowledge and skills through coaching and the help of others.