Best business plan software

The use of special automation tools greatly facilitates business planning thanks to various built-in functions. This article will consider the best business plan software.

Why Maintain a Business Plan?

A business plan is a rather complex and voluminous document. In addition to text, it usually contains tables, graphs, calculations, and other elements.

The structure of a business plan depends on who it is addressed to. For example, an investor, first of all, evaluates the dynamics of the capitalization of a business in which he is invited to participate. The bank or lender is considering the risk that the loan and interest on it may not be repaid. The first is interested in new investments in business, the second – in the liquidity of the assets of a potential borrower. If a company seeks to raise capital and expand work, then the report should not consist only of financial tables. In addition to these elements, the document should include, for example, a company’s marketing plan, a forecast of the company’s possible actions in the market, etc.

The most preferred alternatives

Automation of the business planning process helps to ease the work of the financier and improve the quality of the report. Currently, there are many different software products on the market that help you quickly create a competent business plan:

  • PlanWrite

It has a horizontal structure. The program has six main points that are accessible through intuitive icons. All other information is “hidden” in subsections. The program contains pages with calculations and information blocks. In addition, the program does not have an indicator of the total amount of completed and remaining work, which causes some inconvenience to the user. Thanks to this structure, the program is easy to learn. For professionals, it may seem a little primitive, but for novice financiers, this software is ideal.

  • Plan Business Intelligent

As a result of using this program, you can get:

  • a professional-level business plan;
  • complete (complex) financial forecast;
  • demonstration of the benefits of a business idea through a well-prepared presentation.

This business plan software provides step-by-step planning and detailed instructions. Sections of marketing, sales, investment budget, production, financial results, organizational structure are provided. The user will be able to automate the creation of electronic graphs, charts, tables. Works are performed in software applications MS Excel, MS Word. Possibilities of preparation for printing and presentation of the created business plan are provided. Maintains compliance with national and international planning standards (UNIDO, TASIC, KPMG, EBPD).

  • Project Expert

This product is one of the most popular business planning software. Contains detailed explanatory information for each module. Therefore, it is optimal for beginners. Helps to model the commercial activities of small firms and holdings. The program automatically calculates financial performance indicators, creates charts and graphs. The software generates the text of the plan, saves it with graphs and tables in MS Word. Program activities cover 6 main cycles:

  • creation of a financial and production model;
  • justification of capital investments;
  • definition of a strategy and analysis of its implementation; r
  • risk analysis and dynamics accounting;
  • high-quality development of a business plan; adjustments and additions.


  • Biz-Plan

It is one large MS Word document that contains a template for a business plan with examples and explanations. You can insert charts and tables from other MS Office programs into the report. However, since the plan itself is a full-fledged MS Word document, there are no restrictions on its design. All MS Office design tools are available to the user.